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Project Sales Corp Introduces new unique Turbine Sealing Compound Print E-mail
Written by Satish Agrawal   
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
Visakhapatnam: Project Sales Corp, a leading maintenance-repair-overhaul consumables distributors in India for the powergen markets introduces the very unique sealing compound designed for turbines, Birkosit Dichtungskitt in India Markets.

BIRKOSIT is a single-component, paste luting agent / sealing compound for industrial use wherever conditions of temperature and pressure at smooth, plane sealing surfaces (butt joints) make extreme demands on the quality of the sealing compound. This applies, in particular,to the sealing of: steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, housings, flange joints etc.

Technical data:

Temperature resistance:
will withstand hot steam and air, hot and cold water, light fuel oils and lubricants, crude oil and natural gas at up to 650 °C.

Pressure resistance:
The excellent adhesion on sealing surfaces and butt joints guarantees a perfect seal up to 135 bar. The pressure resistance for flanges without sealing rings is up to 450 bar; and even up to 550 bar for screw joints.

Plastic deformation:
is unlimited in its plastic workability so that, even under the most demanding conditions, the sealing film does not break. cf. temperature and pressure resistance.

Application areas:
manufacture of steam and gas turbines, power stations, gasworks and waterworks operations, oil refineries, smelting works, shipyards, paint and rubber manufacturing, chemical industry.

Working recommendations:
is spread on the dry surfaces using a putty knife or rubber spatula. The product can be subjected immediately to working loads. The hardening time of several hours allows butt joints to be properly bedded.
A small amount of linseed oil varnish may be added to improve the spreading properties.

unlimited storage life when BIRKOSIT is correctly stored. Its properties are stable and it is flexible in use. The tin should be properly closed when only a part of the contents is used.

BIRKOSIT is packed and supplied in special 1-kg tins. Its colour is reddish-brown.
For further properties of the product, refer to the MSDS (material safety data sheet) 91/155/EEC and the storage life certificate.
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