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Written by Hari   
Thursday, 20 March 2008

To be exhibited for the first time in the UK at the MACH 2008 machine tool exhibition on the Fortron UK stand, the Jyoti ATM 160 Vertical Line machine is ment for higher volume, unmanned machining.

The ATM 160 is vertical 'pick-up spindle' or 'hanging spindle' CNC lathe that loads itself with components/raw material without any additional automation.It does not need gantry loaders or robots, and so the footprint of the machine is kept to an absolute minimum.

The machine automatically loads material up to 160mm diameter by 200mm long, and weighing up to 10kg.

The machining cycle time and the load/unload time is kept low, using rapid traverse rates of 50m/min.

The Jyoti ATM 160 Vertical Line machine features an inverted electro spindle which moves under control of the Siemens 810D CNC system in all three linear axes.

Axis travels are of 700mm in X, 300mm in Y and 250mm in Z.

The long X-axis is used to pick up raw material - forgings, castings or blanks - from a loading station on the 22-position conveyor, which runs through the machine.

Available as a comprehensive package, installed and operational for less than GBP 100,000 the Jyoti ATM 160 offers outstanding performance in terms of automated production for batch and volume applications'.

Each of the 22 positions on the recirculating conveyor has an adjustable orientation carrier plate, which can be quickly changed according to the diameter of the workpiece or raw material.

Customised orientation plates are also available to cater for unusual shapes.

Multi-tasking - a 12-station bi directional tooling turret is fitted with driven tooling for mill-turn operations.

For machining complex components, the Y-axis motion of the headstock allows drilling, tapping and milling operations to be carried out off the centreline.

A customised multi function station can also be specified, which can be equipped with additional tooling options and operations, such as drill/tap units and even grinding wheel heads.

A further advantage of the inverted spindle design is the natural evacuation of swarf away from the tool/workpiece interface and onto the chip conveyor built into the ATM 160.

All of the Vertical Line series machines are designed and built around a single piece rigidly constructed base, which supports all moving and stationary components.

The 9kW, 7000 rev/min electro spindle is a high acceleration cartridge type, fitted directly to the headstock of the machine for rigidity and accuracy.

The C-axis on the spindle has a resolution of 0.001 deg, linear positioning accuracy is 0.010mm and the repeatability is +/-0.003 mm.

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