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CII NR Chairman Moots Participatory Approach to Bridge the Skill Deficit Print E-mail
Written by Viswanath   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008
By 2015, 2.9 million additional persons estimated to be required in Punjab's industries : CII ICRA SKILL MAPPING STUDY

Chandigarh: Voicing the persistent concern of the industry about the gap between available talent and knowledge pool and its employability, Mr Deep Kapuria, Chairman, CII Northern Region mooted a participatory and hand holding approach with the Government in bridging the skill deficit. Mr Kapuria was addressing the Session on Skills for 2015 organised alongwith CII Punjab Annual Session 2007-08 at CII Northern Region Headquarters here today. Mr Kapuria highlighted the need to design and develop a shared, agreed vision for developing human skills to foster the envisaged growth in industrial sector and attain higher level of prosperity towards development of the State. CII-ICRA conducted Study on Skill Mapping for the State of Punjab was also released on the occasion

Urging CII members to help create an efficient mechanism to enhance employability of the manpower to address this critical issue, Mr Kapuria suggested for the industry some actionable points which include each industry taking up enhancing the employability of five or more people, contributing to Training of Trainers to have the multiplier effect, sparing  time to engage in Institutional Management Committees of the Industrial Training Institutes and actively participating in the Cluster activities of the industries. This would enable a crosspollination of best practices in the industry into education and would have far -reaching impact, Mr Kapuria  stated.

Mr Rajinder Gupta, the outgoing Chairman, CII Punjab State Council stated that the CII's theme of relating to people and devising ways and means of making them efficient, entrepreneurial and innovative  has been an important focus for the work done in developing skills this year. Expressing concern at the challenges posed by globalisation, Mr Gupta, said, that industry is finding it increasingly difficult to find and recruit the manpower it needs, and attrition rates are rising Thus there is a growing urgency to map the existing skill sets and capitalise on the employment opportunity available. This is in turn will improve and sustain the competitiveness of the state. "Against this backdrop, in 2006-07, CII mandated ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS) to conduct a study on mapping of human resources skills in Punjab, with a view to understand possible skill gap issues for meeting requirements of high growth industries in the state and suggest interventions at Government, academia and industry level to address the same." Mr Gupta shared

Presenting a snap shot of the gravity of the situation, Mr R Raghuttama Rao, Managing Director, ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited said, "As per the estimates of Director of Employment, Punjab, nearly 3.15 lakh educated people are unemployed in the state ;Of these, more than 44% are Class 10 pass and nearly 22% are Class 12 pass ;Graduates comprise nearly 10% of the unemployed in the state; Nearly 10% of total unemployed (~32,000) are craftsmen (with/ without ITI training).Due to these supply side gaps, Punjab has high unemployment - both in unskilled & skilled people" He further added that the above statistics is an oddity when viewed against  the fact that the industry faces a severe shortage of manpower

Mr J R Singal, the newly elected Chairman of Punjab State Council, in his address said that industry in Punjab has not been able to keep pace with changes going on in India and abroad. Of the total job seekers in Punjab during 2000, only 24% were technically qualified. The employment opportunities envisaged are likely to emanate mainly from the automotive, IT & ITES, textiles, leather, light engineering, construction, and financial services sectors.

Mr Singal further added that CII has always been proactive in supporting the initiatives of the State Government in Punjab and reiterate its commitment to hand hold the Government in building the skill deficit as well to further facilitate the growth of the industry in the State .


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