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WALTER Precision Digital B4035 with optoelectronic displacement measuring system Print E-mail
Written by Jeeva   
Friday, 04 April 2008
Making precision boring easy New precision boring tool

Taking immediate effect, available from WALTER for precision boring with micro- accuracy in the diameter range 3 - 124 mm WALTER is a high-tech boring head with an optoelectronic displacement measuring system and digital display, maintenance-free unbalance compensation and flexible Screw Fit connection for matching all spindle adapters.

walterThe well-engineered modular design makes such a large diameter range for WALTER Precision Digital possible: The base of the boring head can hold different tools. Solid carbide boring bars cover the working range 2 - 10 mm whereas various indexable insert boring bars are used for the range 10 - 68 mm. For the larger diameters from 68 - 124 mm, there are two lightweight bridges made from aluminium available.

The inner coolant supply up to the cutting edge is assured both with boring bars and when bridges are used. The requirements from MLS technology have already been taken into consideration when designing the coolant channels.

The backlash-free adjustment with the help of the digital display (to three places after the decimal point) is child's play; set-up errors are as good as ruled out. In combination with the unbalance compensation, operating safety and precision ensure excellent quality for the parts. A number of special features furthermore help to lower costs. For the entire diameter range above 10 mm there are only two indexable insert sizes needed, and these are three-edge ISO W-type inserts.

Also, the unbalance compensation permits speeds of up to 16,000 RPM and hence short machining times.

Thanks to its modular design, the new fine-boring tool WALTER Precision Digital B4035 covers the large working range from 3 to 124 mm. Together with the automatic unbalance compensation, the digital displacement measuring system make the high-quality parts possible.

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