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R-Series SSI Position Sensor from MTS Sensor Technologie GmbH Print E-mail
Written by Britta Hangebrock   
Thursday, 10 April 2008
The new Temposonics® R-Series SSI position sensor offers optimum control functions for dynamic control in closed loops – e.g. if linear motors are concerned. Magnetostrictive technology developed by MTS and improved electronics in the sensor head ensure precise measurement signals within the millisecond range.

The new Temposonics® R-Series SSI sensor communicates position, speed and position difference measurements synchronously or asynchronously according to SSI standard. In the synchronous mode, the measurement frequency is determined by the scanning cycle of the control system and can be as high as 3.7 kHz, depending on measurement length. The sensor signal quality permits dynamic control with a minimum, constant delay. 

Dependent on application and performance data of the closed loop control system, the new asynchronous mode can be used as an alternative. In this mode, the sensor operates free-running – i.e. independent of the control system’s scanning cycle – while the integrated electronics circuitry employs a “prediction-mode”. The measurement cycles can be up to 10 kHz and so this mode demonstrates the high speed capabilities of the SSI sensor.

Temposonics® R-Series sensors permit absolute, non-contact measurement with resolution of up to one micrometer. They operate with high accuracy and offer a repeatability < ± 0,001% F.S. and a linearity < 0,01% F.S. Optionally, internal linearization permits a 3 to 10 times higher linearization tolerance dependent on the measurement length. Due to the high electromagnetic compatibility feature, the data transfer is protected against interference and insensitive to external influences such as shock, vibration, humidity and dust.

All sensor parameters are factory-set, i.e. after delivery, the sensor is immediately ready for connection. If the need for subsequent readjustment of parameters (for example, resolution, output action, measuring range), software updating or sensor testing arises, this can be done onsite using a convenient PC programmer developed by MTS especially for this purpose. This tool can be connected to the sensor and via USB interface to a Windows PC. The software delivered with the programmer provides clear display of all measuring signals as diagrams and offers a variety of adjustments. Thanks to the functional extension, changing from synchronous to new asynchronous measurement, checking the temperature inside the sensor head and de-activating the internal linearization are now also possible via the programmer.

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