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Indigenous Technology Drives India's First Digital Smart Cameras Print E-mail
Written by Ajay Varma   
Friday, 25 April 2008

State-of-the-art digital smart camera "Spot-It",  Aimed at small and midsize manufacturers

Bangalore: Soliton Technologies announced today the launch of its state-of-the-art digital smart camera “Spot-It”. Gone are the days when one had to keep investing in bigger and costlier machines to improve one’s manufacturing process. Aimed at small and midsize manufacturers, Spot-It promises to bring the benefits of machine vision to every quality conscious manufacturer.

This commitment to quality is underlined in its tagline - “Spot defects before your customer does”

Unlike conventional vision-based control systems, Spot-It says goodbye to the industry-phobic PC and replaces it with a rugged DSP based system. When previewed at the Texas Instruments Developers Conference, Spot-It wowed the audience with a simple yet effective demonstration of vision-based poka-yoke. Wikipedia defines poka-yoke as mistake-proofing or, in other words, removing the possibility of committing a mistake.

The principle is in practice all around us – whether it be round manhole covers, light sensors in the loo or that small hole near the top of your bathroom sink – poka-yoke is the smart way to avoid mistakes. If you have a desire to stay in business, you probably already know that every mistake directly relates to a loss of time, money and credibility.

The demonstration was crowned by a quick over run of how quickly the entire program could be designed and developed by any engineer without the need of extensive training. The launch justified the three years of research and development at Soliton’s Bangalore campus that was direct towards the creation of a product that will undoubtedly benefit Indian manufacturers and their customers.

In a talk with media persons today, Dr. Ganesh Devaraj, MD explained that “Innovation drives the day-to-day internal workings at Soliton. Our work policy is based on conducting state-of-the-art research and studying evolving technologies in order to develop products tailored to suit (Indian) market economics. “

Almost as important to Soliton’s engineers and leaders as constant innovation, is the pride of working under an Indian banner. The genesis of the company testifies to this. After obtaining a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a short stint as a Scientist at VI Engineering, Devaraj decided to return to India in order to build up a company that would finally associate world-renowned Indian talent with an Indian brand.

Needless to say, like countless other Indian entrepreneurs, Devaraj was inspired by the rather famous tale of another Bangalore-based company (Infosys) that went on to forge a name for brand India. Not surprisingly, a study reveals that, till the time of publication of this article, Soliton’s growth rate has matched that of Infosys for every year since its conception.

Soliton Technologies is India's premier manufacturer of machine vision cameras, components and accessories.Apart from its headquarters in Bangalore, Soliton has adirect presencein the industrial hubs of Pune, Chennai and Coimbatore.

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