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ILA 2008 Air Show sets new records: Over 5 bil € worth of business announced Print E-mail
Written by Vijay   
Wednesday, 04 June 2008
Berlin – This year’s International Aerospace Exhibition provided an impressive display of this high-tech sector and was also a major attraction for the public. The attendance of 241,000 nearly reached the record level set at the ILA2006 (250,000). Approximately 120,000 trade visitors (2006:115,000) came to find out about the products and services on offer on the 250,000 square metre site, Germany’s largest temporary exhibition grounds, and to learn about the latest trends at more than 100 accompanying conferences.

Contracts and business with a value of more than five billion euros were finalised during the event, including the largest known order ever for civil aircraft at the ILA, which was placed with Airbus by Gulf Air (Bahrain) for 35 aircraft worth 3.2 billion euros. The partner country India made the most of its largest ever appearance at any aerospace trade show outside its own borders by presenting its wide-ranging capabilities and sounding out business opportunities.

By the close of the ILA2008 its organisers were extremely satisfied with the results. Dietmar Schrick, Chief Executive of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI): “We are very satisfied with events at this trade show. Record sales worth over five billion euros were achieved and we attained all our commercial objectives. There was an excellent response to our concept of holding separate conferences of experts on various themes, “Environment”, “Supply Industry” and “Recruiting New Personnel”. Our exhibitors and trade visitors praised the excellent quality of their contacts which, together with the range of conferences that we provided, are what distinguish the ILA from all other aerospace trade shows. The ILA has lost none of its appeal for the general public either.”

In the words of Stefan Grave, Messe Berlin’s Project Director: “The ILA concept of a business-oriented marketing platform for the industry and an attractive air show for aviation enthusiasts from all over the world is definitely the right approach. This is the world’s oldest aerospace trade show, but the ILA2008 has proved to be more youthful and more innovative than ever.”

One of the main themes of this year’s ILA was that of innovations that are responsible for significant reductions in the emission of pollutants by aircraft. For example, the “Greener Skies Ahead“ conference featured international experts and leading figures from aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Mitsubishi, aero engine companies that included MTU, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce, and well-known research facilities.

The discussions dealt with the required technology, most of which is already sufficiently developed for use, as was demonstrated by the products and projects from the 24 exhibitors at the ILA “Path of Innovation”. In particular Airbus/DLR and Diamond Aircraft/Boeing showed that fuel cells, capable of operating without producing any emissions, can now be used in aircraft. At the ILA Space Pavilion a study conducted by German industry, ATV-Evolution, dealing with a European manned space project, was demonstrated for the first time in public.

The ILA2008 was officially opened by Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. High-ranking guests at the ILA2008 included Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, President of the lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, Michael Glos, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Franz-Josef Jung, Federal Minister of Defence, Arakkaparambil Kurian Antony, Minister of Defence of the Republic of India, Matthias Platzeck, Minister President of the Land Brandenburg, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO Secretary General, General Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, Generalleutnant Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, Chief of Staff of the German Air Force, and Generalleutnant Hans-Otto Budde, Chief of Staff of the German Army. The 4th International Parliamentarians’ Conference at the ILA was attended by 230 participants, including 67 members of parliament from 13 European countries. Some 80 diplomats, among them 65 ambassadors and chargés d’affaires, came with their delegations to the 6th Ambassadors’ Conference at the ILA2008.

For six days the record total of 1,127 exhibitors from 37 countries presented products, systems and processes from every area of the aerospace industry. Altogether 331 aircraft of all sizes and categories were on show on the ground and in the air, and many of them were making their first public appearance. The International Suppliers’ Center (ISC) provided the supply industry with its own platform. At the CareerCenter the emphasis was on career opportunities and prospects. Some 4,300 media representatives from 70 countries provided comprehensive coverage of the main technical themes and the attractions for the public at the ILA2008.

ILA2008 gave strong economic impetus to the regional around the capital

According to an economic research organisation, the Institut für Wirt-schaftsforschung Halle, Berlin/Brandenburg, including the German capital and the surrounding region, derived additional purchasing power of some 160 million euros as a result of the visitors and exhibitors from outside the city who came to the ILA2008. Seen against the background of the employment situation, over a two-year period the ILA is responsible for preserving or creating 1,760 jobs. In addition the effect on economic production among service providers and according to economic sectors amounts to more than 300 million euros.

Satisfied exhibitors attained their objectives at the fair

Among the main objectives of the exhibitors at the ILA were to promote their companies, supply information to the experts attending the event, attract new customers and cultivate relations with existing clients. These objectives were extensively reached. 76 per cent of the exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of the trade visitors at the ILA. Exhibitors were positive in their assessments of the economic mood in the aerospace industry. More than half of all exhibitors, 54 per cent, regard the current situation in the industry as very favourable or favourable. The majority of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with their commercial results, while 72 per cent of them expect satisfactory follow-up business. At the time of the survey approximately four fifths of the exhibitors expressed their intention of attending the next ILA.

Trade visitors recommend visiting the ILA

Trade visitors came primarily from the categories of “Suppliers to the Aviation and Space Industries”, “Military, Border Protection Force, Police”, “Airlines” and the “Space Industry”. Among foreign trade visitors the majority came from EU countries (62%), North America (11%), other European countries (9%) and non-EU countries of Central and Eastern Europe (8%). The countries most strongly represented among trade visitors were the United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Russia. Approximately two thirds of all trade visitors occupied positions at senior management level in their companies. More than half of all trade visitors reported that they exercise a significant influence on their companies’ purchasing decisions. 91 per cent of all trade visitors described the commercial results of their visit to the trade show as positive. 92 per cent obtained a very good or good impression of the ILA2008. 94 per cent of trade visitors would recommend a visit to the ILA to their colleagues or business associates.

The ILA experience delighted the general public

There was an above-average response on the part of the general public. Virtually everyone who attended was impressed by the Air Show, as well as by the other main features such as the areas devoted to space, helicopters and the German armed forces. One section that attracted particular interest commemorated the “60th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift“, the largest humanitarian airborne operation of all time.

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