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Monday, 29 September 2008
High-quality rotary table manufacturer Fibro GmbH, Germany, has just launched a new maximum strength range called the FibroMax. The FibroMax offers load carrying capacity of upto 100 tonnes with micron level accuracy.  

MAXIMUM STRENGTH - The marketing campaign for Fibro’s new range of rotary tables shows an elephant standing on top of one of the new pieces of equipment.

The message is clear, according to Stefan Gaschik, Director of Technical Sales – there is no table with roller bearings in the market as strong as the new FibroMax. “These new rotary tables are able to hold the biggest payloads without the disadvantages of a hydrostatic bearing,” he stresses. “We have invested a great deal in their development and we are already seeing an extremely positive response from our customers.”

A Comprehensive Range

Fibro is known across the world for its rotary tables, automation and robotics and standard parts.  Rotary tables are used as central units in rotary special-purpose machines for transporting work pieces and positioning them accurately in each machining station as work holders in standard and special-purpose machine tools for efficient, ultra-precise work piece machining. They are also used as controllable and highly versatile positioning devices for machining work pieces from different angles and as tool holders for high-speed tool changes on a wide variety of machine tools. And the company was, in fact, the first to launch a rotary indexing table with face gearing onto the international market back in 1962, under the name of Fibrotakt.

Today Fibro’s comprehensive range of rotary tables offers users any number of options for rationalizing and automating production processes, and of course for enhancing production quality. Rotary tables are available in any format or size from 100mm to 2800mm and above.

The company serves the machine tool industry and metal working industries, its products going into the building of machining and metal cutting centres, as well as high volume automation systems such as assembly machines. End-users of the tables are often automotive producers and major global suppliers.

Heavy Payloads

Over the past year, Fibro has strengthened its research and development, explains Mr. Gaschik, and one of the main results has been the FibroMax programme. Only recently launched, several of the large tables have already been sold and demand from customers is strong.  “We developed this new range of rotary tables especially for heavy duty milling and drilling. We have started with the size 17 model, the models 14 and 21 are already available too. The size 21 is able to manage a payload of up to 100 tonnes,” he says.

The FibroMax rotary tables are the result of progressive, non-compromising design concepts, aimed at utmost versatility and operational rigidity. These attributes, together with drive and control elements of outstanding quality, enable the user to achieve flexible positioning, high repeatability, high precision in terms of radial and axial and concentricity in the micron range and safe handling of radial and axial forces, owing to selected, preloaded radial/axial combination bearings of the largest possible diameter.

Hydraulic table top clamping is available for even higher tangential forces offering outstanding characteristics for rotary milling and simultaneous machining by preloaded bearings and Twin-Drive. The equipment offers operational safety and long service life as a result of careful design and requires low maintenance. Fibro offers a wide variety of standard models – different types, configuration levels and variants, multiple-axis executions and special combinations with linear tables, executions with pallet clamping facilities and work piece pallets and custom designs for special purposes.

Standard Product Lines

Well established on the market, Fibro also offers the product lines Fibrotakt, Fibroplan NC and Fibrotor. Fibrotakt, the original table system, was designed for precision divisions and high working loads.  An interlocking face gear system ensures maximum precision and rigidity long-term. The Fibroplan system offers a backlash adjustment worm drive for use in machine tools for universal positioning and round and multi-axis processes (simultaneous operation). High-precision positioning is achieved through special design high-precision rigid bearings and the use of high-resolution measuring systems. Hydraulic clamping in position allows high load forces. Fibrotor EM and ER models come with a cam roller drive for optimized rapid switching operations, also available as EM. NC and ER.NC version with worm roller drive of constant pitch. They are used in welding and assembly operations, such as magazine tables and for handling and feeding applications in automated processes.

Years of experience

Founded in 1958 as a machine shop, Fibro has grown extensively over the decades, benefiting from its years of experience and know-how. Thanks to an in depth knowledge of the market, coupled with a total quality awareness based on the highest international standards and a flexible, responsive structure typical of Germany’s globally renowned Mittelstand, Fibro has become a sought-after supplier. “We have seen strong growth recently,” says Mr. Gaschik. “Between 2006 and 2007 this was particularly good and we have a strong order book for the coming months. At the moment, we are seeing a growth rate of more than 10 per cent. 2008 has been a year of good sales as well.”

FIBRO in India
FIBRO is represented in India by NN Combined Engineering Agencies Pvt Ltd who offer a complete after sales service solution for customers in India.   For more information please contact,

NN Combined Engineering Agencies Pvt Ltd
First Floor Dr Ranji Block
125 M G Road
Secunderabad 500 003 INDIA
Email     :  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phones  : +91 (40) 27844279 / 27898579
Fax        : +91 (40) 27841652
Internet :

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