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GL1 InnoMold India commences Indian operations from its new Pune facility Print E-mail
Written by Satish   
Thursday, 25 March 2010
Pune: GL1 InnoMold India, a subsidiary of G-12 FreiForm GmbH which is engaged in the manufacturing various types of Injection moulds for auto components, furniture and white goods industry, has set up a manufacturing facility in Pune at an investment of Rs. 4 crore.

"With this, we will be able to further strengthen the mold making business in India with its know-how from Germany which is brought from sister company G-12 FreiForm GmbH. Our objective is to also cater to the quality demands of the German and European automobile producers, thus targeting suppliers that want to deliver plastic parts from India," said Hemakant Garde, Managing Director - GL1 InnoMold India.

The company's major customers include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, Ford, Samsung, Continental, Sony. In Germany molds are done for parts of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Opel, Porsche and Bentley, and outside Germany for Skoda, Volvo, Seat and Rover.

"India has become an automobile hub and the worldwide leaders in automobile manufacturing have preferred to invest in India to start their own manufacturing facility in India. This trend is because of larger market size, availability of skilled personnel, cost saving on account of overheads etc," said Gerhard Linde, Shareholder & Director - G-12 FreiForm GmbH.

"G12 group has decided to invest, through their investing arm company Geli Betalings, 40 million Indian Rupees in India, more so, to leverage the opportunity in India to cater the emerging demand for high precision and complex moulds," he added.

The company has unveiled it's imported machinery in it's Pune facility, including 5 milling Machines, 2 Erosion Machines, 2 Grinding Machines, 1 Die Spotting Press, 1 wire eroding machine and other technical equipments.

GL1 has hired technical experts who are good in mould designing and also in mould manufacturing. The company has also recruited a German technician, who has an international experience and exposure in mould manufacturing, for it's Indian operations.

The current expansion will aid the company in boosting plant efficiency and improve the servicing capacity to the customers.

G-12 has expertise in manufacturing of big and complex moulds. The Company is known for its quality and precision level. The quality team monitors the total production phase & also documents all the processes with the help of reliable test - procedures like M&H measuring testers.

The company offers a complete service that starts with the advisory service to the customer concerning the design of the part to make it suitable for the injection molding process. GL1 does the mold design and advices the customer on how to create a mold to optimize the cycle time at the injection molding machine. The company also does the sampling till the mold gets ready for the series production of the customer.

The special molds that will be offered with German support are: Stack molds and tandem molds; C02 cooled moulds; 2 component moulds; and, Gas Injection molds.

- Stack molds and tandem molds enable to produce several different or equal parts in the same mold. As an injection molding machine has a maximum capacity to inject plastic material, this kind of molds can double the capacity as the cavities are located in different levels of the mold. It is a way to get more return on investment out of the investment for an injection molding machine as output is doubled.

- In C02 cooled molds there are very thin pins in the mold that can be cooled as the tubes for the carbon dioxide needs only 1mm diameter. This enables to get better quality in hot spot zones where a normal cooling with water in is not possible.

Quality in that zones will be improved and the cycle time can drastically brought down, if the water cooling cannot get to some areas in the mould. Carbon dioxide will be pushed in the mold with a temperature of minus 115 degrees centigrade. This technique needs a special mould but can be operated at every normal injection molding machine. A high reduction of cycle time leads to a corresponding increase of the return on investment of the machine investment.

- 2 component moulds enables to inject 2 different plastic materials into the mould. That can be a week material and a hard material, or 2 hard materials, so they will be connected together without any additional work.

- In Gas injection moulds the gas is be injected during injection process of the material. The gas creates additional pressure and the gas press the material during the injection process towards the walls of the mould. This creates good surface quality and avoid most of the warping of the part.

Last Updated ( Friday, 26 March 2010 )
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