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Tata AutoComp inaugurates India's first Laser Scouring Facility at Chinchwad Print E-mail
Written by Ganesh   
Thursday, 25 March 2010
Pune:  Auto component major, Tata AutoComp Systems Limited has inaugurated its state-of-the art ‘Laser Scouring Facility’ today at the Tata AutoComp (Interiors and Plastic Division) plant at Chinchwad, Pune.

The technology will considerably simplify the construction of airbag flaps, thereby reducing the cost of production significantly. The "Laser Scouring Facility" is first of its kind in India.

"Laser scouring for airbag deployment is one of our initiatives to offer Indian OE’s state of the art technology. With availability of Laser Scouring in India, the OE’s get the benefit of offering better design and finish," said R S Thakur, Executive Director & COO, Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd.

Laser Scouring is a process in which laser creates integrated pre-weakened lines for air bags on the backside of the car instrument panels. A sensor system has been specially designed to prevent the laser from penetrating the material completely. It creates tapped blind holes in a defined row, which weakens the part and breaks open when the air bag is triggered.

"Laser Scouring is used to make invisible tear seam on car instrument panels for Air Bag deployment. It is the best available air bag seamless technology, introduced and being provided in India by Tata AutoComp. Globally it has been adapted and used by all leading auto OEMs and we anticipate a huge demand from both domestic and global OEM’s based in India. Our new facility in Chinchwad is well equipped to manage this increasing demand," said Arvind Goel, President & Head Business Group, Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd.

Tata AutoComp Systems Limited – Interiors & Plastics Division provides Functional and Kinematic Plastic Parts and Systems to the automotive OEs. Its products include Bumpers, Front Grilles, Side mouldings, Door panels, Cowl Grilles, Air-vents, Grab Handles, Floor Panels, Cockpits, Front Panel and several other small plastic parts.

"At Tata AutoComp our consistent effort is to provide wide range of high quality products and introduce the best and latest technology from across the globe. With the awareness of passenger safety increasing, we are seeing an increase in the number of vehicles that would offer airbags as a standard fitment," R S Thakur added.

Over the past few years, Tata AutoComp – Interiors & Plastic Division has invested heavily in offering its customers completely built systems. Its Cockpit assembly plant offers its customers the entire cockpit Just-in-Sequence. It has also invested in offering its customers state-of-the-art technologies, many of which are the only kind in the country

The advantages of Laser Scouring Technology are:

- The scouring process is sensor-controlled, thus the heterogeneity and variations in the thickness of the material can be compensated for

- The depth of the perforated holes is precisely defined even in multilayer composites. Thus the opening force and behavior of integrated airbag flaps can be adapted flexibly.

- Manual finishing is not necessary, thereby enabling 100% traceability of production processes which is of the utmost relevance where safety-related components are concerned

- It allows 100% production control, which for safety-related components is of immense significance. The specific production parameters are recorded on-line.

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