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DRDO launches Gas Turbine Enabling Technology Initiative [GATET] at GTRE Print E-mail
Written by Arjun   
Thursday, 08 April 2010
Bangalore: The Aeronautics Research & Development Board (AR&DB) of DRDO has taken a new initiative called "coherent directed research" in the area of gas turbines. This program called “GATET” envisages about Rs 100 Cr investment in 3 years and participation of 100 R&D centres and 1000 Scientists, engineers and technicians.

GTRE, Bangalore will function as the nodal laboratory for this program. It is intended to fill the technology gaps and develop human resources in military engine development.

Rs 78 crore has already been sanctioned for this initiative and some projects have already been shortlisted. R&D projects which require investment of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 5 crore would be considered for funding and 40 to 45 of these projects are expected to be funded.

In this top down approach, DRDO, taking into account futuristic national programs would support, encourage, nurture, monitor and exploit the design, research, development and manufacturing capability of academic institution& R&D establishments, industries and other thinktanks to carry out frontline work in bringing out nextgen gas turbine engine system.

This is in line of DRDO’s policy to support front line research in many areas to bring in Synergy and Coherency between goal driven Top down approach and innovation driven bottom up approaches.

The Apex Board -GATET (AB-GATET), is chaired by Chief Controller R&D (Aeronautics), and can sanction projects up to Rs 5 crores.

The Executive Board - GATET (EB-GATET), is chaired by Dr KVL Rao, Advisor, ADA and Mohana Rao, Director, GTRE. It can sanction projects upto Rs 2 crores.It will be responsible for overall financial and programme management of Gas Turbine Enabling Technologies Initiative and shall report to AB-GATET.

In addition to this there shall be Project Review Committees (PRCs) to execute the technical parts of the programme (seeking, assessing and recommending, monitoring and reviewing all the project proposals in the identified disciplines), as per the directions from the AB-GATET and action plan recommended by the EB-GATET.

The scope of the GATET Initiative is to invite & sanction projects to various academic and other Research Institutions as per the following six areas of specialization:

- Compressor & Fan :- Stall and Surge Studies, Blade Design & Fluid Structure Interaction Studies, Tip Clearance Studies.

- Combustor, Afterburner and Nozzle :- Combustion & Flame Stabilization Studies, Multiphase Flows and Fuel Injector Studies, Thrust Vectoring.

- Turbine / Heat Transfer :- Blade Design & Cooling, Fluid flow and Heat Transfer, Large-Eddy Simulation

- Engine Mathematical Model & Simulation, Controls and System Engineering :- Multivariable Control Schemes, Life Cycle Management, MDO for Gas Turbine Application.

- Sensors and Measurement Devices :- Design, Development and Calibration of Sensors including Non-Intrusive Sensors for High Temperature Measurements.

- Unsteady CFD / Structure Interaction and Mechanical aspects of Turbo-machinery:- Engine/Module/Sub-System simulation using CFD, Aero Elastic study of Turbo-Machinery Blades and Control of Blade Flutter, Evaluation for Surface cracks in Gas Turbine Components and Structures, Surface Crack Growth Prediction, Life Prediction Methodologies, Magnetic Bearing/Seals.

The program was Launched by Dr Prahlada, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R&D (Aero & Service Interaction) DRDO and Chairman of APEX Board GATET on 05 Apr 2010 wherein experts from many academic institutions, industry and  R&D establishments participated  to evolve networking and roadmaps.

India has many highly sophisticated and complex Aeronautical projects in progress towards designing, developing and producing next generation gas turbine engines for fighter aircraft and unmanned aircraft of different categories. India has also entered into transport and passenger aircraft fields.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 April 2010 )
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