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DISA India in Expansion Mode, Set to launch new Made in India Moulding Machine Print E-mail
Written by Arjun   
Thursday, 30 December 2010
Bangalore: Disa India Limited, a foundry machinery manufacturer headquartered in Bangalore and offering advanced process technology, will be soon launching India's first vertical moulding machine almost entirely developed and manufactured in the country. The vertical machines were never made outside Denmark until now, where the parent company - DISA Group - is located.

The company is in the process of executing major expansion plans in India. Last year alone the company hired approximately 100 people, taking it's headcount from 250 last year, to around 350 now. Next year the company is looking at adding another 100 people, in line with it's expansion plans.

Disa India Limited is currently expanding and adding facilities at both it's plants in Tumkur and Hoskote, where it has 9000 sq meters and 7000 sq meters of built up area, respectively. The shot-blasting and filtration equipment is made in the Hoskote facility, which is now undergoing a major expansion. During the next year the company will invest 8 to 10 crores on expansion at these 2 facilities.

Disa India Ltd, which was a Rs 30 crore company 5 years back, registered a turnover of Rs 71 crore in 2009. This financial year it is expected to cross Rs 100 crore.

New Machines

The pioneering machine will be unveiled at the IFEX, 2011 (7th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment and Supplies & 59th Indian Foundry Exhibiton), which is scheduled to take place on February 11th - 13th 2011 in Chandigarh. This event is India's largest trade fair on foundry industry.

The machine is already in the Tumkur plant and is undergoing some final tests. Currently the fastest sand moulding machine to be produced in India, it is expected to be priced around 4 crores. A machine in this category was earlier Rs.8 crores. A lot of value engineering has gone into this machine to suit the needs of the emerging market.

"With this machine we have created an intermediate product. The Rs 8 crore machine that is imported from Denmark is capable of making 350 moulds per hour. The 4 crore machine which has been made at the company's Tumkur factory is capable of making 250 moulds per hour," said Viraj Naidu, Managing Director, DiSA India Pvt Ltd. He sees a good export potential for this machine, specially to Europe, Middle East and China.

The company already has two orders for this machine. This machine is almost totally localised and the import content in terms of value is only 20 percent. "If we see a growing trend towards any high technology machine, we will bring down the cost through localisation," he said.

"A product like this has a potential for changing the market. Surprisingly the first customer is a completely manual foundry. Working in a foundry is usually considered dirty. Manual foundries are finding it difficult to attract labour so they are going in directly for the highest technology," he said.

"This new machine will showcase Disa's commitment to the foundry industry in India and we are pleased to be the pioneers in bringing forth such a key development to the market. We look forward to IFEX 2011 and believe it to be an excellent platform to showcase our latest machine. With state-of-the-art technology, we are sure this will not only help us generate new business opportunities, but will also accelerate the current trend of upgrading to high pressure moulding technology in Indian foundries - simply because this makes the high end technology affordable to the Indian customer," said Viraj Naidu.

This machine has been jointly developed by Indian and Danish engineering and R&D teams in India. A number of smart value engineering ideas have gone into the design of this machine, which substantially add to the existing superiority of a DISAMATIC design in vertical sand moulding.

"For the new vertical machine 20 percent of the concept engineering help came from Denmark, while 80 percent was done at the company's R&D center in India," said Viraj Naidu.

At the same IFEX 2011, DISA will also launch the new localised blast wheel from the Wheelabratror range, for its shot blast machines for foundries. This new blast wheel will offer higher productivity options and longer life of wear parts (thereby higher machine uptime) for the foundry customers. The Wheelabratror shot blasting machine is used for parts which need cleaning before machining.

Indian foundry industry in major expansion mode

"The market size in India, specifically for our range of products only is around 200 crores annually. This market is booming right now and in the next 3 years it is expected to grow 2.5 times, to nearly 500 crores," said Naidu.

Indian foundry industry is in a major expansion mode. Giving a perspective into the potential market he said that there are an estimated 4800 foundries in India, of which nearly 4000 are manual foundries and mostly SMEs. 600 to 700 only have some kind of mechanisation.  The remaining 100 are Rs. 500 crore plus companies. He said that 40 to 50 percent of the Demand for castings is from the automotive sector.

Growth Drivers

"Very good Environmental rules are available in India but implementation is very weak. The sensitivity towards the environment is already increasing and most of our customers are moving towards clean environment through automated lines," said Naidu.

"The availability of labour for doing dirty manual foundry work is decreasing. So more companies are shifting to automated lines," he said. "Matured economies are only into high pressure moulding."

"Power shortage is the biggest hurdle for foundry growth. Companies are also moving towards automated lines because they have to increase productivity in whatever little time power is available," he added.

Research & Development

Disa group started a second company in India for R&D activities in April 2007 - Disa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It has 27 people now. "This started as a detail engineering company for the team in Denmark. Now the teams here are taking a lead in various development activities.  A lot of the R&D work is shifting from Denmark to India. There are some products which will be made only in India. There will be an increased collaboration and joint working between the Indian and Danish R&D operations," said Viraj Naidu.

"When DISA Group did a transfer of technology to India, they did not just transfer the drawings but did a knowledge transfer," he added.

DISA India was incorporated in 1984 for the manufacturing of modern foundry equipments. DISA India supplies complete foundry systems by integrating the DISA range of moulding machines and sand mixers with proper combination of sand plant equipments, surface treatment machineries, environmental control systems and conveying systems.

Denmark's Disa Group holds 74.3 percent stake in the manufacturing arm - Disa India Ltd, which is publicly listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Disa Technologies is 100 percent owned by Disa Group.

It's customers in the auto sector include Brakes India, Rico Auto, Mahindra, Amtek Auto, Munjal Kiriu, Suzuki  etc. Disa also has a number of customers in the pump manufacturing sector in addition to a good number of jobbing foundries.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 December 2010 )
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