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Bringing Innovation to the Indian manufacturers Print E-mail
Written by Arjun   
Saturday, 13 October 2007

For the first time ever! 

All India Association of Industries & World Trade Centre Mumbai 

"There's a thing in my pocket. But it's not one thing; it's many things." Or so goes the advertisement for a popular mobile phone company. The message is we have an IDEA. This idea is an INNOVATION. 

Nothing could be truer in the Indian context of business today. India today is fast emerging as a global force to reckon with and with the economic power to arm-twist their way through even the latest round of discussions on the Doha agreement or shall we disagreement and with a growth rate of 9.4% for 2006- 2007, who can blame the world for sitting up and paying attention? India recently became only the12th country to reach the trillion dollar mark. It has an invaluable support system in terms of raw material, resources, land availability and cost-effectiveness, an abundance of both skilled and unskilled labour, strong legal & democratic framework and provides a strong consumer base with high spending power. In addition, India is strategically positioned in South Asia and has the capability to wield influence over South Asian trade and economy.
Indian retail mogul, Kishore Biyani says, "Business is like riding a cycle uphill. You have to keep pedaling or you will slide downhill".
In addition, the manufacturing industry has been recognized as the main engine for economic growth; and is a major employment generator and wealth creator in India. With an increased demand from the domestic sector and manufactured goods constituting 75% of India's total exports, there is a major requirement for introduction of innovative, efficient and cost effective manufacturing techniques for the Indian Industry.
In such a scenario, the All India Association of Industries and the World Trade Centre Mumbai are organizing the Innovative Technologies for Manufacturing (ITM) Expo from 7-10 February, 2008 at the Expo Centre, Mumbai. ITM Expo will showcase the world's most innovative and dynamic technology companies seeking to offer manufacturing solutions to the developing nations for integration with their existing manufacturing infrastructure. With the changing scenario in the energy sector and the issues related therewith, it is important to focus on power-saving technologies. In our continual efforts to assist technology upgradation and modernization, the ITM Expo endeavors to collaborate overseas innovative technologies with the Indian manufacturing sector and together explore the markets of the developing nations. ITM Expo assumes importance in view of the Government of India having announced various favorable policies and schemes for technology upgradation.
The focus will be on:

    * Automation & Engineering
    * Agro technology, food processing and packaging technology
    * Electrical and electrical engineering and related sectors
    * Environmental Technologies, measuring systems and quality management systems.

With our extensive network in India and our correspondent network in more than 80 countries, we are well positioned to connect our exhibitors with strategic partners and resources as they grow their business beyond domestic borders.
ITM Expo will feature international pavilions on Innovative Manufacturing Technologies, round table meetings and conferences to discuss advancement in technology, displays on Indian achievements in design, development and manufacturing excellence, research breakthroughs and applications and encouragement of scientific and innovative vocations among the youth.
ITM Expo will attract international business visitors and trade missions besides India's prominent clusters representing vital segments of manufacturing sector. The government authorities, research institutions & universities from India and overseas are also being invited. Distributors and Agents interested to represent the participating overseas companies will be invited.
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