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S. Sundareshan inaugurates iSoL-2011 by Int'l Centre for Automotive Technology Print E-mail
Written by Viswanath   
Wednesday, 12 October 2011
New Delhi: S. Sundareshan, Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises inaugurated the International Symposium on Lighting 'iSoL-2011 (Illuminating Pathways)' organised by the International Centre for Automotive Technology(ICAT).

"It has been estimated that the worldwide lighting market will grow to approximately USD 159 billion in the year 2020, 10% of which will be from automotive lighting industry," he said.

"In the lighting industry both general and automotive, the government as well as the end users have a collaborative role. We will have to gear up to the challenges and opportunities that are rapidly unfolding in this area," he said.

The automotive lighting industry has a history of over a century. Technology has evolved from the first tungsten filament light source to Halogen based and then to the cutting edge “intelligent Xenon” and LED headlamps which came into production towards the fag end of the last decade.

"Adequate availability of energy for lighting is one of the basic requirements of all civilized societies and for faster economic growth and development. To make growth truly inclusive, access to energy for lighting in rural areas and to the urban poor has to be ensured. Unfortunately, the energy demand of India’s rapidly growing economy and burgeoning population, has outstripped the supply and more disconcertingly, the demand supply gap has been widening over the years. This has to be addressed," said Sundareshan.

"The Indian automotive industry has made rapid strides in recent years. With a turnover of about USD 73 billion, it has catapulted itself to being today the world’s largest manufacturer of tractors, second largest manufacturer of two wheelers and the sixth largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The Automobile Industry in India has traditionally enjoyed the advantage of cost competitiveness mainly on account of the low cost of skilled labour. This, however, cannot be the sole panacea for sustaining the competitive edge. As the competition increases from other low cost countries in Asia Pacific Region in particular, the automobile manufacturers in India will have to further improve quality and safety in tandem with the evolving global standards. In the context of night time safety of the vehicle and road users, automotive lighting assumes a very important role. As night time traffic is recognized to be more dangerous with more than double the daytime accident rate, it is obvious that all players in this field must cooperate to improve night time traffic safety. Automotive lighting thus holds a lot of promise, not only from the perspective of safety of the vehicle and road users but also for enhancing the aesthetic styling of brands," he added.

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