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HEC successfully produces 120 Ton semi portal crane for IISCO Steel Plant Print E-mail
Written by Satish   
Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Ranchi: Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd., Ranchi has successfully designed, developed and manufactured a (60+60) T x12.1M span semi portal crane for the first time in the company. The equipment, which costs approximately Rs 6 crore, is being dispatched to ISP (IISCO Steel Plant), Burnpur.

The weight of this crane is approximately 265 Tonnes. It is capable of handling 120 Tonnes at a time (60+60 Tonnes). The hoisting mechanism of each trolley comprises two Gear Boxes with double drive and four rope drums with four hooks connected to them.

The crane features a parallel double trolley system, where each trolley has four parallel lifting hooks. The four hooks are used to lift the scrap with the help of scrap charging bucket. Hoisting and lowering are done simultaneously by engaging four hooks at a time. While one trolley hoists and charges the scrap into the converter, the other trolley fills the scrap in to the scrap charging box. This mechanism increases productivity of the shop. The two rear hooks are used for tilting and charging the scrap.

This crane consists of four parallel girders which are connected with the two 20M parallel long end girders. The long travel mechanism consists of four drive systems, of which two are mounted at rail level (+20.75 M) of the gantry while other two are mounted at ground level of the gantry (+9.5 M).

The trolley is also equipped with 2 weighing systems, each having 4 Strain Gauge type weigh beams of 15 Tonne capacity, mounted below the upper pulley block on top of the trolley to measure the exact weight of the scrap along with scrap box handling traverse. Both are connected with the end girders and end column assembly.

This crane is equipped with VFD controls with AFE converters, which have a regenerative feature to save energy by feeding back excess energy during the regeneration period. The energy regenerated during lowering and braking of travel Mechanism will be fed back to the mains. It is also possible to operate the crane from ground using Radio Remote Control.

G K Pillai, CMD HEC and Kushal Saha participated in the dispatch ceremony. Pillai appreciated the effort taken by the team. Dr. Madan Jha of HEC's RPD / Heavy Machine Building Plant guided the development of this crane. The team members included C. M. Singh, R. B. Bhagat, C. Prasad, D. K. Sinha, R. J. Prasad, D. Ojha and Satish.

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