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Promote Growth of Manufacturing Activities, No Matter Who Owns It: Arun Maira Print E-mail
Written by Anand   
Friday, 16 December 2011
New Delhi: In India growth of manufacturing activities need to be promoted, no matter who owns it, whether an Indian or a foreigner, said Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission.

He said that the  manufacturing industry should set a goal of creating 100 million jobs in the sector out of the targeted 250 million jobs in the economy by 2022. "Industrialization is a process of learning complexities," he said, adding that besides tackling infrastructural bottlenecks and bureaucratic hurdles we also need to create space for nurturing innovation, enterprise and competition in the process of growth.

The growth of an economy occurs on the back of its manufacturing sector. He indicated that instead of importing products we could have foreign companies setting up manufacturing units in India. He was speaking on the second day of the “CII 10th Manufacturing Summit 2011” with the theme “Indian Manufacturing at a Point of Inflection: Challenges and Responses.”

"Sophistication of technology and organization is the essence of manufacturing," he said. He viewed it is important to devise efficient processes which produce things and ultimately lead to a policy.

Speaking on labor issues, Mr Maira expressed the need for reconciliation among the stake holders themselves within the companies and the state governments. For this, technology promoting participatory decision making and consensus has to spread across the country. In this context, industry bodies like CII can take the initiative viewed Mr Maira. To achieve inclusive and faster growth in India, he also indicated that we could go for technologies that people can simply understand and thus arrive at the “Indian Way” of manufacturing.

Talking about protectionism, he opined that most of the countries excelling in manufacturing have encouraged their native industries in the initial stages. In the Indian context too we could nurture small and medium industries without being discriminatory. He also opined that the national policy could help evolve framework for different industries to grow organically. Further, he underlined the need for the manufacturing industry to create a vision and come up with new solutions.

Speaking at the session, Mr. Jamshyd N Godrej, Past President, CII & Chairman - CII Manufacturing Summit 2011, stated, “Without promotion or development of manufacturing in India we cannot create value added and skilled jobs.” He also expressed concerns about how we can bring in more inclusiveness in the enormous system of manufacturing.

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