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A new book from the co-creator of the Toyota Production System Print E-mail
Written by Arjun   
Monday, 26 November 2007
Dr. Shigeo Shingo: the co-creator of the Toyota Production System (Lean manufacturing)

Vancouver, Washington: Announcing a new hardcover Shigeo Shingo book, Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking. Along with Taiichi Ohno, Dr. Shingo co-developed TPS (LEAN) with his deep understanding of how to improve the overall process of production. Dr. Shingo reveals how he taught Toyota and other Japanese companies the art of identifying and solving problems.
Many companies in the West are trying to emulate Lean but few can do it.   Why not? Possibly, because we in the West do not recognize, develop and support the creative potential of every worker in solving problems.  Toyota makes all employees problem solvers.  Shingo gives you the tools to do it.

"Once again Dr. Shingo will amaze you. It is an easy to read brilliant book!", says the release by the publisher.

Dr. Shingo presents six unique models, the sum of which he calls the Scientific Thinking Mechanism. These frameworks allow groups to deconstruct problems and rebuild them into powerful improvement ideas. This concept is central to TPS and provides the necessary foundation for any Lean Initiative to be built upon.

Download a chapter of the book from:

“Dr. Shingo was a master of Kaizen, he had the scientific training and innovative genius to deeply understand processes and the humility to realize that he needed the operators to take ownership. We are fortunate to have this new opportunity to gaze deeply into the thinking of one of the true geniuses behind TPS. —Dr. Shigeo Shingo.” – From the foreword by Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph. D., New York Times best-selling author of The Toyota Way

“This book contains a myriad of case studies taken from of ce examples as well as shop  oors. It is a gold mine of improvement ideas that cumulatively must have saved millions, and could still do so today!” Don Dewar, President & Founder Quality Digest Magazine(

“Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking is a revealing book and is the genesis manuscript to the Lean Manufacturing mindset. It captures the fundamental thought process to structure problem solving activities and is the foundation to all essential aspects of the Kaizen philosophy. Truly a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and frameworks to embolden you to change existing practices!” - Michel Mestre, Ph.D. Professor, School of Business Northwest University

“For those of us who have revered the work of Dr. Shingo, this is an exciting work. More so than any other of his books - Bill Kluck, President Northwest Lean Network

“Practicing Kaizen (the habit of making small improvements) eludes many people. Dr. Shingo’s Scienti c Thinking Mechanism replaces the hope of the  ash of creativity with a reliable and learnable habit-building approach. Thanks for making this Rosetta Stone for Kaizen available to the world.” - Hal Macomber,  Principal Lean Project Consulting, Inc.

“This book teaches managers to be problem solvers instead of problem chasers.” – Collin McLoughlin, co-publisher

Dr, Shingo’s earlier books were:  A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System,  Study of the Toyota Production System: From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint,  Zero Quality Control: Source Inspection and the Poka-Yoke System,  The Sayings of Shigeo Shingo: Key Strategies for Plant Improvement, The Shingo Production Management System: Improving Process Functions,  Non-stock Production: The Shingo System of Continuous Improvement
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