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Smart Job: Custom built machine monitoring system at BHEL Haridwar Print E-mail
Written by Deepak Bodhani   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007

SmartJOB and wireless DNC at BHEL-Hardwar

Pune: Digitech Engineers, a Pune based DNC systems, CAD-CAM service provider, is currently implementing the machine monitoring system, Smart Job, at BHEL Haridwar.

BHEL Hardwar has set up a new blade shop for the turbines. The load for these machines is so high, that BHEL is expanding this shop. They have installed CNCs, worth few crores. The running cost per hour goes to few thousands of rupees.

An Upgrade:
In order to utilize the maximum capacity, BHEL had earlier installed DIGITECH make Machine Monitoring System, called DIGI-MMS, about 2smartMMS years back. This is running well, but now a new system with advanced features has been developed.

This system monitors the actual function of the CNC machine, by sensing the electrical signals. It was based on wireless hardware from Sena Technologies, wherein, a CNC machine having RS-232 port can be interfaced with a remote PC, using this solution. It is not like closed circuit TV, where you need a person to SEE the TV screen.

The new system smartJOB has all features of earlier DIGI-MMS plus it will help monitor and control the entire process on shop floor besides setting machine efficiency metrics, threshold levels, for operator control and display.

Now, smartJOB is a revised version of Machine Monitoring System. It is more general purpose & flexible. It can be used on any machine. It is possible to alter the configuration on site. One can easily see through visual graphics, the switch on-off time logs, operator cutting and setting times and much more.
In smartJOB, DIGITECH has provided a small LCD display for the CNC Operator. A wireless link is established from each smartJOB unit with a remote PC. The remote PC can be in the LAN. Thus, any one with password can view the status of the CNC machine.
smartJOB has a built-in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Graphic LCD, a real time clock & huge memory to store the machine status.
The CNC Manager can do  following -
1) Monitor the staus of a selected CNC, e.g. Auto mode, Stop Mode, or Setting Mode etc.
2) Can set the expected machine efficiency, by sending a command from PC to smartJOB LCD.
    The smartJOB then displays the current efficiency of the CNC. Thus the CNC user knows, how much
    he is lagging behind the set target.
3) View the status of machine since the shift started. e.g. he can view at what time CNC was turned on,
     & what time actual production started, etc.
4) View the idle time, productive time of each machine.
5) Analyse the reasons for idle time.
6) Get graphical reports instantly.
7) Get SMS alert from low productivity CNCs
In a conventional manner, the shift supervisor fill up the production sheet to report to CNC Manager. But the time lost, can not be recovered. smartJOB is a on-line reporting system. By getting SMS from low productive CNC, he can immediately see the reason & solve it to improve the productivity in remaining hours of the shift.
This smartJOB is under implementation. The installation would cost BHEL around Rs 20 lakh in first phase. This would be the maiden deployment of this software & hardware and it can be later implemented across 9-10 more units of BHEL across India.
BHEL-Bhopal is installing wireless DNC of DIGITECH on their 9 CNC machines in fabriction shop.
Digitech has also implemented the wireless data transfer solution at Telco - Jamshedpur at Heavy Earth Moving Equipment plant ( 10-15 heavy CNC machines  run 24 hours with DIGITECH wireless data transfer system called BT-100 ).This unit has collaboration with HITACHI, Japan.
Bharat  Bijlee Ltd, Thane has 6 CNCs running on wireless BT-100 system installed by DIGITECH. Accurate Engineering,
DME-India, Rolastar-Bangalore, Power Build Ltd-Gujarat, The Printer's House P. Ltd, are only few names in Private sector, who enjoy the benefits of wireless DNC  

The solution for wireless DNC  would cost around Rs 25,000 per machine.
The solution for smartJOB would be around Rs. 70,000 per machine.

A registered partnership firm established in 1989, Digitech is offering solutions on DNC systems, CAD-CAM services since 1990. The office and manufacturing set up is established in a centrally located place of Pune city with about 1000 sq.ft. area.
Product & service portfolio - CNC Code Loader - DIGI HHT-22, Wincom DNC System, Machine Monitoring System - smartMMS, Digi Isolator, Machine Monitoring System - DIGI-MMS, LAN based DNC using I.S.Hub, DNC using Wireless Networking, Wireless Products from SENA(Korea), 2-D CAD CAM Products from FASTCAM(Australia)

The technology:
The wireless CNC communications technology is believed to have been pioneered by enthusiasts like Tim Carson with DNCWorks, John Carpenter with CNC Computer Integration (WireFreeCNC) and others way back in 2001.

Article written by
Deepak Bodhani
2121-2, Bakul Building, Vijayanagar colony,
Sadashiv Peth, Pune 411 030 (INDIA)
Telefax.     +91 - 20 - 24337720 / 24333466
Cell     9423586171 / 9422363285
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 December 2007 )
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