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Written by Arjun   
Thursday, 13 December 2007
PLEASANTON, CA :Announced earlier this year, Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Server™ enterprise software is now generally available and being implemented at a number of leading manufacturers such as Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Joy Mining Machinery. Deep Server software provides an automated, unified, and secure enterprise-wide media communication and collaboration environment that anyone can use to improve the quality and speed of decision making among designers, managers, suppliers and customers. The new software release features a robust media asset management component that can merge and manage product information from disparate enterprise systems, including product data management (PDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to fully support a Model Based Definition (MBD) engineering communications strategy. The latest version of Deep Server also includes new and significantly enhanced metadata search and management capabilities as well as a number of other new and enhanced features.
"Improving time to market and the bottom line has not gone away as a critical issue. With intense global competition, achieving these goals can be even more challenging," said Mark Thomas, president, founder and CTO at Right Hemisphere. "Our Deep Server software helps manufacturers achieve these goals across multiple languages and disciplines, inside and outside the organization. It does this by managing and combining data from multiple graphic and non graphic sources for use in communication, collaboration and decision making. Deep Server is the first solution to integrate a company's product media content creation with the real-time product updates and data stores in its engineering and ERP systems. By providing a single data structure for publishing and management, Deep Server saves customers time, reduces errors and improves decision making."

First Customer Deployments

Among the first group of manufacturers to implement Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Server software is Joy Mining Machinery, the world's leading provider of mining equipment and services. "We need to produce our technical publications faster while simultaneously bumping up the quality of these publications," said Dan Armour, manager of technical services at Joy. "Deep Server promises to accelerate our content creation process by automatically reusing existing CAD data. By making it faster and easier to increase the amount of 3D and interactive content in our maintenance training classes, we can also reasonably expect these documents to be much more effective at transferring knowledge to our service personnel and to our customers."

Armour continued, "We're also very interested in Deep Server's ability to publish product graphics and other data, such as product manufacturing information, into a secure 3D Adobe PDF file. Being a global company with offices and customers around the world, this is a particularly attractive option for communicating with our customers and suppliers without potentially compromising intellectual property by sharing actual CAD data."

Right Hemisphere Deep Server 5 software is also helping Sikorsky Aircraft increase its design velocity. According to Dave Cocuzzo, manager of the Engineering Process Transformation Group at Sikorsky, "We're expecting the software to generate lightweight models and 2-D 'drawing views' on demand that can be scrutinized and interacted with down to the part level by our cross-functional teams. Ultimately, we're looking to further enable the Model Based Definition (MBD) Process by facilitating the enterprise-wide consumption of digital engineering datasets."

New Features in Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Server

Deep Server software integrates with and extends PLM and PDM solutions to enable the re-use of product information across the extended enterprise. With support for over 130 2D and 3D formats, including corporate document standards such as HTML, Adobe® PDF® and Microsoft® Office, Deep Server provides an open environment for enterprise-wide product communication and collaboration that eliminates various inefficiencies and helps manufacturers get products and support materials to market faster.

Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Server features:

--  A new, faster, easier to use graphical user interface called "Deep
    Search" with better metadata search capabilities; detailed thumbnailing
    with pop up previews of key information; more granular control over user
    roles and accessibility; check in and check out for assets; a collections
    area for users to create temporary workspaces; and more.
--  The ability to merge and edit product metadata from CAD, PDM, and PLM
    sources into a single database for publishing and management.
--  New and enhanced view and markup  graphics  functionality  such  as  XYZ
        markup  filtering  for  improved  collaboration;  cross-section  cutting  plane,
        half  and  quarter  sections;  thumbnails  of  3D  models  viewable  within
        Microsoft  Explorer;  and  the  ability  to  calculate  model  surface  areas  and
--    Global  instancing  support  to  significantly  reduce  the  size  of  databases
        required  and  allow  for  easy  updating  of  parts  information  across  different
        projects  and  departments.
--    Updated  product  manufacturing  information  (PMI)  support  for  CATIA®  and
        JT  formats  so  users  can  include  PMI,  geometric  dimensioning  and  tolerancing
        (GD&T)  data,  and  associated  views  directly  into  3D  files  and  eliminate  the
        need  for  separate  2D  drawings.
--    Updated  and  improved  PDF  file  publishing  capabilities  to  make  it  easier
        than  ever  to  use  PDF  and  HTML  as  publishing  formats  for  all  product
        graphics  and  related  data.
--    An  abundance  of  new  capabilities  for  authoring  and  rendering  high  quality
        line  art  illustrations,  including  a  2D  and  3D  symbol  library;  2D  line
        styles  in  3D  viewer,  2D  vector  and  raster  illustration  outputs;  easy  thrust
        line  creation  with  animation;  illustration  support  with  thick  and  thin
        rendering,  color  fill  and  more;  a  2D  alpha  tool  for  creation,  removal  and
        manipulation  of  alpha  channels  in  texture  maps;  and  added  drawing  tools  to
        improve  technical  illustration  workflows.
--    New  file  format  support  for  Microsoft  3D  XAML,  Google  SketchUp,  Autodesk
        FiLMBOX,  Collada  DAE,  Silo  3D  and  WebCGM.
--    Part  level  revision  management  to  control  updates  of  all  downstream  usage
        at  a  part  level  and  to  update  assemblies  automatically.
--    LDAP  support  for  easy  integration  with  existing  system  security  protocols
        as  well  as  object  level  security  to  apply  exactly  the  right  level  of  access
        control  at  any  level  of  a  project.
About Right Hemisphere

Right Hemisphere is a leading provider of enterprise visual product communication and collaboration solutions enabling manufacturers to optimize their global product development, launch, and support processes. Right Hemisphere maximizes knowledge transfer efficiency of product information to downstream stakeholders by automatically publishing product information readily available in CAD, PLM, and ERP systems into common document formats and business applications. Over 500 innovative manufacturers, including five of the top six automotive OEMs and nine of the top 10 U.S. aerospace and defense contractors rely on Right Hemisphere to dramatically accelerate time to market, increase product and services revenues, and lower product communications costs. Founded in 1997, Right Hemisphere is a privately held, venture-funded corporation based in Silicon Valley and Auckland, New Zealand. For more information please visit
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