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Written by Isha   
Thursday, 24 January 2008
DWG-based 2D/3D CAD tool offers advanced technology at an affordable price

ZWSOFT, developers of advanced CAD tools, today announced the release of its latest signature 2D/3D package, ZWCAD 2008. The new version provides updated features for improved flexibility and efficiency, greatly enhanced speed, as well as seamless DWG compatibility.

This comprehensive CAD system represents a perfect low-cost alternative to AutoCAD®. Users can open, edit and save DWG/DXF files created in AutoCAD (2.5-2008), without the need for manual import or export operations. Likewise, this automation also enables users of AutoCAD to open files created in ZWCAD.
The 2008 version delivers a host of improved functionality. What’s new includes:

Make a great promotion in performance, especially opening or saving a drawing, creating a hatch with complex boundaries, editing in layout with multiple viewports or selecting a huge number of objects, which will make your work more efficient.

•         Speed of Open function has been increased about 30%.
•         Speed of Save function has been increased about 70%.
•         Speed of Select function has been increased about 10 times.
•         Performance of Multiple Viewports in layout has been increased about 10 times.

Brand-new Algorithm for Efficient Hatch Boundary Search
A newly develop algorithm in ZWCAD 2008 means less calculation and faster response even over a wide range of objects, increasing search speed by about 15 times. Furthermore, it can also unclose boundaries in some corrupted drawings automatically. Now hatch processes work more conveniently than ever.

Design Center
Improved Design Center offers you a convenient way to manage the issues of your drawing, such as dimension style, blocks, text style, line types and layers. Just drag and drop, and apply them from any source drawing to your current drawing. Source drawings can be on your computer or on your local network. In addition, you can also search drawings according to drawing name or drawing size. With the Design Center, you can use the information of other drawings in your current drawing instantly.

Quick Calculator
The QuickCalc includes basic features similar to most standard mathematical calculators. In addition, QuickCalc has features specific to ZWCAD, such as geometric functions, scientific functions, and features to handle variables, units conversions, and text calculatutions.

Other major enhancements in the new version include Merge Print (mprint), Attribute Extraction, Block Extraction, and Dimension Replace.

Designers, engineers, and architects can discover the improved power and function of ZWCAD 2008 by downloading a free trial of the application at

ZWCAD 2008 runs on Windows 2008, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. ZWCAD costs only a fraction of AutoCAD, while offering similar functionality and full DWG compatibility. Today, more than 60,000 customers around in 60 countries choose ZWCAD to reduce their CAD budget and increase their design productivity. ZWCAD customers include many Fortune 500 companies such as Honda, Alcatel-Lucent, CIMS, GP, THORN, GE , among others.

For more information about ZWCAD 2008, please visit,


ZWSOFT ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd is committed to providing the most reliable and outstanding CAD solutions for users. The products meet the needs of broad-based target groups of 2D/3D design industry, including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), mechanics, manufacture, electronics etc. and anyone who creates or uses CAD drawings.
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