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DMG India launches the DMU 40 monoBLOCK Universal Milling Machine Print E-mail
Written by Arjun   
Thursday, 28 February 2008
Small 5-axis champion with higher dynamics in a new design     -  Die & Mould India 2008 | DMU 40 monoBLOCK

The new DMU 40 monoBLOCK Universal Milling Machine offers 5 axes in the standard version and up to 200% higher dynamics in the rotary axes.

Bangalore: The DMU 40 monoBLOCK rounds off the product range of the monoBLOCK machines by DECKEL MAHO, therefore making entry into the market possible with the same successful features of its larger sister machines. Additional outstanding features include a compact design, the milling head with a B-axis, standard hydraulic clamping for 5-axis machining and the possibility of machining with negative angles. High traverse speeds and accelerations in all linear and rotary axes are added to the process. Beyond that, the smallest EMO World Premiere by DMG is actually very large when it comes to static and dynamic rigidity. Particularly with the New Design by the GILDEMEISTER Corporation that is designed for optimal ergonomics and maximum transparency, the DMU 40 monoBLOCK® offers perfect overall conditions for the highest operator efficiency and optimum results in the flexible, single part and series machining.

DMG DMU 40 monoBLOCKThe DMU 40 monoBLOCK® has thereby inherited all of the advantages of its larger sister machines such as high dynamics, highly dynamic and static rigidity, excellent ergonomics or the perfect relation of the work area to the compact footprint. Moreover, with a work area of (X,Y,Z) 450 x 400 x 480 mm and the milling head with a B-axis combined with the CNC rotary table in the standard version, the DMU 40 monoBLOCK® offers the possibility of 5-axis machining that is a perfect alternative for flexible single parts machining with a broad range of materials. Predestined application areas include medical technology, aerospace as well as tool, mould and equipment manufacturing.

New milling head with a B-axis for negative angles

The core of the DMU 40 monoBLOCK® is unarguably the milling head with a standard B-axis that operates via a hydraulic clamp. The construction resembles those of the larger monoBLOCK® machines. However, the internal cable route makes a smaller construction height possible. The drive of the B-axis operates with a bevelled, serrated, pre-stressed dual cog wheel. As a result, high process rigidity and excellent workpiece surfaces are guaranteed. An additional highlight of the B-axis is unarguably the high accelerations and speed with 40 rad/s² and 35 rpm respectively.

In addition, the swivel range of the B-axis complies with the installed spindle options, whereby all constructions basically make processing with a negative angle possible. As with the standard spindle with power at 15 kW, a torque of up to 130 Nm and 12,000 rpm rotational speed, and as with the 18,000 rpm spindle (also in the SK 40 design), the swivel range averages 125° (+30° to -95°). An option is also to expand the swivel range of the B-axis with fixed spindle alternatives. DECKEL MAHO therefore offers an option with a 24,000 rpm spindle as well as a swivel range of +30° to -120° and another version with a swivel range of +30° to -110° and spindles with 30,000 rpm and 42,000 rpm.

New: DECKEL MAHO MillPlus iT V 600

Aside from its convincing mechanical features, the DMU 40 monoBLOCK® marks the entry into a new control generation with the adaptation of MillPlus iT V600. With that, the Heidenhain worlds of iTNC and MillPlus systematically grow together without neglecting the traditions and the preferences of the user or the practical requirements. With complete compatibility with previous control generations and unchanged user logic, the new MillPlus iT V600 offers more system performance and finally more handling performance. There are consistent context menus and comprehensive online help functions that are benefits for user efficiency. In addition, there are expanded functions for an even more simple entry into 5-axis machining (such as in the area of instruction and training).

The new control generation captivates with a comfortable start-up as well as new functions specifically for mould construction. In any case, there are numerous programming possibilities such as fast import and editing of memory-intensive CAD programmes for comprehensive structuring, or for interactive visual programming. Even with the intuitive user interface, several improvements are available including integrated mouse utilisation as well as the application of scroll bars and a clipboard, the easy operation via the new DMG SOFTkeys® or the input of tool data into the dialog. Moreover, there are no limitations concerning the length of programme names and the size of the hard drive is now fully usable. Likewise, what is also notable is that the graphics can operate parallel to processing, and the tool environment is identical to the iTNC 530 by Heidenhain, remaining available as a control alternative.

New design for maximum functionality and ergonomics

The previously described hard and soft technology of the DMU 40 monoBLOCK® is as impressive as the breathtaking and future-oriented image of the machine presented at the EMO World Premiere that belongs to the 14 machines at the DMG booth. With this example, the GILDEMEISTER Corporation presents its “New Design“ to the professional public. The ambition of the “New Design” from DMG is to make uniqueness and brand recognition highly evident. All machines have been placed under a common brand with unified design characteristics that include high quality surface materials in matte white with sections in high gloss black. An additional feature includes the DMG Lightline® that expands across the entire lateral door area and height of the respective machine and that indicates the machine status with different colours instead of with a traditional signal lamp.

Customer use is what stood at the foreground as the new machines were designed. What is remarkable about the “New Design” generation by DMG is the increased transparency with its approximate 40% larger safety glass panels. Whereas other manufacturers optically block the process behind sheet metal, DMG users can now directly experience these high-tech machines. The experience of the machining process leads to a strong identification with the events that take place in the work area and consequently leads to increased quality.

An additional outstanding highlight of the “New Design" by DMG is without a doubt the new DMG ERGOline® control with a large 19” screen that is visually more similar to a real flat screen than to a machine control, and that uniquely combines the benefits from the former DMG ControlPanel and DMG-SlimLine Panel under a unified high-tech standard.

The DMG ERGOline® control can be positioned to the left or right of the work area on a cantilever, depending on the machine series. In every case, the large screen guarantees better reading comfort and allows the integration of additional DMG Softkeys® as well as advanced status information that leads in general to a more relaxed, secure as well as efficient operation. Also available is the DMG ERGOline® control that ergonomically spans across a swivel mechanism, and that has a screen and touchpad that can be set up according to individual user needs. Additional features such as the optional seating for the machine operator or the optional mouse pad with a draft stand are also available. DMG is heading into a new direction in the area of user comfort with the DMG Softkeys® that the operator can use to program frequently used operator sequences or frequently selected screen contents.

In its complete impression and functionality, the new and functional DMG

ERGOline® control gives new meaning to “emotional intelligence“. Visitors at EMO will observe this at the very latest, when they try to look for the conventional lock on the control for the selection of machining operations. This is due to the fact that DMG has replaced the former key cabinet with a feature that is unique for machine tools with the DMG Smartkey® system. In its design, the intelligent DMG Smartkey® resembles a real MP3 player – even though it does not store any music, and offers many more possibilities beyond operational selection. The individualised authorisation of the user together with the access rights or individualised preparation of the control, are just a few examples of the many features it provides.

DMU 40 monoBLOCK® Highlights

    * New Design: optimum access to the work area and increased transparency, DMG ERGOline® control with 19" screen and DECKEL MAHO MillPlus iT V600 or Heidenhain iTNC 530
    * Compact design: 4 m2 machine footprint, 2,110 mm machine height
    * 5-axis simultaneous milling in the standard version – unique in this class
    * Motor spindles up to 42,000 rpm as well as the HSK-A63 in the programme
    * For easy to challenging workpieces: small parts with the highest requirements (medical technology, aerospace, tool and mould construction)
    * Easier entry into 5-axis machining with the latest controls
    * Standard: chip conveyor, 250 l coolant tank, complete
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