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Single-Pass Bore Finishing from Engis Corp USA now in India Print E-mail
Written by Nikhil Nayak   
Friday, 29 February 2008

Single-pass Bore Finishing has gained significant popularity in the manufacturing sector in India as a means of obtaining the “competitive edge”. 

This “edge” results from achieving one or more of the following benefits associated with the single-pass process as compared to other bore sizing operations, such as honing:

  • Improved size control (as good as .001mm in production)
  • Improved bore geometry (as good as .0003mm in production)
  • Improved surface finish (to better than 0.1 Ra. in most material)
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Less operator skill requirements
  • Predictable, consistent results to statistical process control (Cpk values > 2)
  • Extremely long tool life
  • Lower overall cost per finished piece

With advances in ongoing research and development, the single-pass process has evolved from being applicable only in the finishing of cast iron through bores, to now being successfully applied on blind bores, through bores, stepped bores, and in almost every type of material. The ability to manipulate the position of the bore relative to another feature on the part, such as a face or outside diameter is possible. Surface finish patterns, such as cross-hatch, swirl, or sine-curve, can be dictated including actual surface finish parameters.

“MICRO” Series Machine - Model #0610-18

This full-featured machine is designed primarily for small parts with bores ranging from 2 mm to 20 mm. The reduced footprint is ideal for easy installation, and where floor space is at a premium.

Standard features:
- Servo fed column design
- 250 mm stroke
- Pneumatic index table
- Mitsubishi full CNC controls
- 19.05 mm diameter spindles  
- Pre-lubed for life slides and ball screw
- Full perimeter guarding  
- Capable of processing 2 parts per cy

Superior to Honing

Engis single-pass, superabrasive bore finishing systems are the more cost-effective choice - over conventional honing - for virtually any bore finishing application and work piece material. Utilizing the single-pass process, extremely tight tolerances can be held reliably and consistently in a production environment, at a lower overall cost per finished piece. Plus, utilizing Engis diamond-plated and superabrasive bore finishing tools, these systems are capable of achieving - in blind, semi-blind and thru bores - bore geometries to within 0.5μm.

About Engis Corp USA

A growing number of today’s most challenging super finishing applications can be resolved by super abrasives, but they cannot be addressed by diamond nor CBN alone. What is required is a company with an in-depth knowledge of materials and applications as well as intensive R&D programs to create new processes and products. Engis is the only superabrasive manufacturer that has an end-to-end, total systems capability dedicated to bringing the cost-effective cutting ability of superabrasive to meet your finishing objectives.  
Engis is more than a diamond company. With a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates, Engis brings unmatched superabrasive technology and superior application engineering to industries the world over.

Engis in India

Engis is represented in India by NN Combined Engineering Agencies Pvt Ltd.  For more information please contact:

NN Combined Engineering Agencies Pvt Ltd
First Floor Dr Ranji Block
125 M.G. Road
Secunderabad 500 003
Phones  : +91 (40) 27898579 / 27844279
Fax       : +91 (40) 27841652
Internet :

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