Ace Designers Boosts Application Availability with Centralized Management
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Tuesday, 11 March 2008
A Citrix solution helps a leading Indian machine tool manufacturer to enable better information access for a host of users and ensure better manageability.

“The Citrix solution has enabled us to ensure the consolidation of sales, market-related and other critical business information and make them available online. Thanks to Citrix, troubleshooting IT-related issues too have become easier due to centralized IT administration.

-M. Vadiraj, Sr. Manager-IT, Ace Designers

Ace Designers 

Ace Designers was set up in 1979 as a machine tool design company. Ace began manufacturing in 1982 when it was commissioned to make a range of proprietary machine tools. The first product developed by Ace designers was the auto lathe; today, the company also produces CNC lathes and CNC chuckers. Ace’s operations are currently spread over three manufacturing facilities in Peenya, Bangalore.

The Challenge: Improving Management and Delivery of Information to Remote Locations

Ace Designers has a number of sales and service offices spread all over India, including remote areas. Communication with these offices was very difficult, resulting in information flow and reporting delays that led to functional and process deficiencies. Connectivity problems was constraining important workflow processes. More importantly, professionals were unable to access the critical CRM application that Ace Designers had deployed in 2001. Such a scenario was prevalent before the deployment of Citrix and with ordinary dial-up connectivity.

Explained M. Vadiraj, senior manager–IT for Ace Designers, “In the machine tool industry, data management is critical. We have to keep track of the supply of machines, production statistics, etc., at the manufacturing units. The service calls of customers also need to be tracked. The machine tool designs and detailed configuration details too need to reach the remote users- primarily from sales and support offices - quickly as possible. However, due to connectivity problems and bandwidth issues in certain locations, accessing these files was proving to be a major problem. Further, users were not able to access the CRM database application

He continued, “To ensure that the CRM application and other information could be accessed by users all round the country, we took the decision of capitalizing on the benefits of a centralized system. Our goals were to boost the performance of applications and ensure online availability of information from our remote locations.”

Implementing a Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure Solution

After a set of deliberations and a period of evaluation, Ace Designers implemented Citrix Presentation Server™ software with Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 running on a Dell server.  Ace delivers the CRM application and Microsoft Office to about 50 users, including back-office staff and managers, in various locations in India.. Earlier users used to connect through ISDN lines and leased lines before moving to Radio Frequency (RF) wireless connectivity. While All managers use laptops to access applications over the network, staff at other hierarchical levels use desktops.

Faster Application Delivery and Greater Consolidation of Critical Business Information

Citrix Presentation Server, which centralizes application processing on the server, enables delivery of applications with high performance, even in a compressed bandwidth environment. Improved availability and performance for users, together with more efficient IT management, have made Ace Designers an extremely satisfied customer today.

Concurred M. G. Ishwar, executive–CRM, Ace Designers, “The Citrix solution has made life easier for us and has addressed most of the issues related to application availability and bandwidth problems. More importantly, user experiences have definitively improved due to better application performance over the network. The users can now easily access the CRM application from any location and office in India. With enterprise-wide application delivery, data management has become easier and more streamlined. The online availability of consolidated sales and marketing information has also helped tremendously. Earlier, we used to get the data from all the branches in staggered lots every month, creating a backlog of 8-10 days in getting relevant and timely information. Now, we have real-time availability of consolidated and critical business information.”

Bandwidth Issues Addressed

Citrix Presentation Server keeps application processing on the server and transmits only the user interface over the network. This model significantly reduces bandwidth demand, leading to higher performance. 

Said Vadiraj, “Previously, delivering application data to remote office users was a major problem due to insufficient bandwidth. All these issues have been suitably addressed thanks to Citrix technology, which enables the optimal use of bandwidth. Productivity levels have increased due to fast availability of information. Further, the huge software design files containing various machine tool diagrams can be easily delivered to various offices and this was being sent through e-mail and fax.” 

Cost Reduction Due to Streamlined IT Administration 

IG Ishwar affirmed that IT administration costs have been reduced due to greater efficiencies achieved through centralized IT administration. 

”Centralized management and delivery of applications have lowered IT administration costs. We have optimized IT resources and spend less time spent on operational issues now. Using Citrix tools, our administrators can provide fast and high-quality remote support to users around the country and troubleshoot issues from the central location in Bangalore. This has negated the need for deploying IT manpower at all locations and has thereby helped reduce the costs of IT administration and the overall IT environment.”

Solution Details

Key Benefits
* Lower IT administration and support costs
* Faster business processes and decision making
* Faster application delivery makes information available in real time
* Higher productivity of workers
Applications Deployed
* Microsoft® Office
* CRM application (developed by Trivium)
* Websites using Windows SharePoint Services
* Sales and Accounts Audit Excel Files
* Crystal Reports for Online Reporting
Networking Environment
* Citrix Presentation Server™ running on 1 Dell 2650 Rack mounted server.
* Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 Standard R2
* Radio Frequency (RF) wireless connectivity
* 20 Dell laptops, 600 Dell desktops (Citrix users are only 50). 

About Citrix Presentation Server

Citrix Presentation Server™ is the de facto standard for delivering Windows applications at the lowest cost—to any user, anywhere. It offers both application virtualization and application streaming delivery methods to enable the best access experience for any user, with any device, working over any network. By centralizing applications and data in secure data centers, IT can reduce costs of management and support, increase data security, and facilitate business continuity. Presentation Server allows IT to deliver applications as a service—providing on-demand access to users, while affording IT the flexibility to leverage future application architectures.

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