Rs.77 Crore worth of Indo-Canada Industrial R&D projects ready to take off
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Monday, 08 December 2008
GITA - a successful PPP mechanism to boost industry's investement in R&D

New Delhi: Further augmenting the India - Canada bilateral Science and Technology (S&T) agreement conceived in November 2005, to encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities between the two counties, we here today look forward to fruitful collaboration in industrial R&D, said Mr. Y.P. Kumar, Head - International Cooperation, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, at the 14th Technology Summit & Technology Platform, Leveraging Investment Opportunities in Clean Technologies, organized jointly by the Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII) and Ministry of Science and Technology.

Stressing on the S&T program implemented by Global Innovations & Technology Alliance (GITA), he added, 'GITA will occupy a niche – supplementing the efforts of both the Government and the Industry but displacing neither. This mechanism will act as a bridge between industry, institution, venture funding organizations and government. It will bring initiation and completion of successful projects under the bilateral S&T umbrella and provide greater returns, in terms of benefit to common man, on money spent by government on R&D.'
He further added, 'With this support mechanism, the Ministry can, with greater degree of confidence, extend funding support for bilateral industrial R&D, technology commercialisation and partnership development activities to foster S&T cooperation as per schemes of the Ministry through GITA.'
Further adding applause to GITA, Mr. Henry Rothschild, President & CEO, ISTPCanada, said, 'for trade facilitations amongst nations, a transparent, coherent and synchronizing platform like GITA help in managing strong establishments. ISTPCanada, is the first of its kind in Canada, for building relations between SMEs in Canada and partner countries. Canada and India can be partners in this niche commerce domain because both share quality science base, commitments from government, prominence of Indo-Canadian community and compatible financial, legal and administrative systems of governance.'
The plenary session saw a great deal of interest from the participants in the fields of innovation and R&D partnerships, biological treatment technology, waste management, environmentally friendly processes, technological transfers, amongst others.
GITA has been promoted jointly by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry. It serves as a platform for enhancing technology competitiveness of Indian industry & institutions through joint development, technology transfers and joint ventures.  Funding support from government is facilitated for industrial R&D by GITA, which is responsible for effectively strategise, promote and execute programmes within a target time frame. The onus of implementing these programmes, with similar agencies overseas also lies on the part of GITA.
The programmes which are currently being implemented on behalf of department of Science and Technology are Indo-Canada S&T Cooperation Programme, Indo-Israel initiative for industrial R&D, Indo-Taiwan S&T Cooperation and Indo–ASEAN S&T Development Fund.

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