Industrial opportunities in Aerospace, Defence and PSUs
Written by Vijay   
Thursday, 05 March 2009
Cochin : The two- day national workshop held at Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) highlighted the vast opportunities available to Kerala-based industries in the defence and aerospace sectors.

Mr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, CEO and MD of Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvanathapuram Limited (BATL) and Chief Controller (Research and development) DRDO, said that there is business worth Rs. 12,000 crore  for Indian defence industries during the next five years.

Urging entrepreneurs to participate actively in the aerospace and defence sectors, Mr. Pillai said there was plenty of potential in aerospace related structures such as launchers, bridges, software, repair and maintenance and operating supplies such as titanium alloy.

Mr. Pillai pointed out that there is a huge demand for titanium alloy in these two sectors and Kerala with its  large titanium mineral reserves could  increase the annual production of finished titanium alloy to 10,000 metric tones,  thus earning the state an additional revenue of Rs.1,000 crore.

Mr Pillai  said that  more than 20 industries are already contributing to the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) .  He also commented on Keltron’s contribution to the defence sector in the manufacture of underwater mines, underwater communications systems, sonobuoys, titanium structures for sensors and towed arrays. He said that “all our ships will soon have Indian sensors” and in the next five years, business worth Rs, 1000 crore was expected from  sensor related activities alone .

In addition to suggesting that CIAL have an aircraft maintenance R&D centre equipped with new generation tools, Mr. Pillai also proposed that an aerospace and defence complex be set up  in the state offering comprehensive solutions to the space and defence sectors.

With reference to other areas for industrial participation, Mr. Pillai said that the state is rich in bio-diversity and it has the potential for a large bio-technology laboratory and a pharma industry for herbal drugs.

Taking into consideration the rapid growth of the nanotechnology sector, he also pointed out the possibility of creating a bio-nano industry complex and the scope for a convergent technology R&D center.

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