Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. enhancing India Operations to support Railways
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009
New Delhi: Electro-Motive Diesel Inc., a US $1.8 billion company engaged in the manufacture of Diesel Locomotives, is looking at enhancing it's India operations in order to support the Indian Railways.

The company is working closely with Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) Varanasi and its business associates to ramp up production to 200 locomotives per year. The company is actively looking to work with local associates to develop international quality components.

With its global footprint and large volume requirements, EMD will continue to look for Indian sources that can help it contain costs as well as meet its supplier metrics for quality, delivery and exclusivity. EMD’s Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) currently has a plethora of Indian suppliers on board that provide EMD with engineering, drafting and strategic component manufacturing products and services, but feels it has only scratched the surface of the capability that India’s vast resources have to offer.

Currently up to 20% of Engineering and Drafting work, and up to 60% of the information technology services which is provided by EMD’s Strategic Information Solutions (SIS), is currently being performed by Indian companies with resources in both India and the United States.

EMD’s Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) will use the upcoming events in India to meet with both current and potential future suppliers in India.

John S Hamilton, Worldwide President & CEO, EMD states that “We’ve invested significant resources and over a billion dollars in recent years developing the advanced technology for our locomotives. Today we at EMD feel proud that our relationship with Indian Railways has reached the 50 year mark, beginning with a delivery of 127 new locomotives. Since then we have been focused on a closer technology-sharing relationship. In the mid 1990’s Indian Railways was looking for a Transfer of Technology arrangement to produce its own locomotives at the Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) Varanasi and at a time when no other Locomotive manufacturer was willing, EMD came forward and offered state of the art technology for the 4000 HP AC AC locomotives.”

Over the decades the relationship between EMD and Indian Railways has created job opportunities, both in India and the US. EMD and DLW have been actively working together to constantly upgrade and improve on the technology, with the introduction of new and higher horse power (HP) diesel locomotive.

Mr. Praveen Kumar, Member Mechanical, Indian Railways, said “the partnership between Indian Railways and EMD has brought the latest diesel locomotive technology to India. As a result of a TOT agreement signed between EMD and IR in 1995, DLW for the last 10 years has been manufacturing both the passenger and freight version of the microprocessor controlled 4000 HP diesel locomotives utilizing EMD technology. The association with EMD has really been fruitful and I am confident that it will help us usher in further technology upgrades on IR in the future as well".

Encouraged with the high performance, greater availability and reliability and low maintenance, IR has decided to manufacture only the high 4500 HP locomotives at DLW. Today IR deems locomotives powered by EMD technology and equipment to be highly reliable with an impressive availability rate of 91% to 95%.

As desired by IR, EMD continues to work closely with DLW and its business associates to ramp up production at DLW to 200 locomotives per year

To increase its freight throughput, and generating more revenue, IR’s initiative of adding a new 5,000+ HP locomotive to the present fleet is a welcome development. Such locomotives are expected to be manufactured in a very short time with technical assistance from EMD.

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