Electro-motive Diesel Inc Gears up India Operations for Future Expansion
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Friday, 06 November 2009
New Delhi - Electro-motive Diesel Inc. (EMD), a builder of diesel electric locomotives and diesel engines, expects to double it's revenue from India by the year 2011. The company is also actively looking at working with local associates to develop components.

"With EMD completing 50 years in India, we have great confidence that our Revenues from India, currently at $ 70 million (Rs. 340 crores), shall almost double in the next two years since India is ramping up production," said Mr. John S Hamilton, President and CEO, EMD.

EMD and the Indian Railways have been working together since 1959. The company and Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi (DLW) work together to upgrade and improve on the technology, with the introduction of new and higher horse power (HP) diesel locomotives.

"Indian Railway's DLW plant at Varanasi has set its production target at 200 locomotives per year and has set a goal of reaching this target within the next few years. EMD will be working in close co-operation with the Indian Railways in supplying them technology for meeting the target of 200 locos." added Mr. Hamilton.

The company is working closely with the Indian Railways to introduce new technologies. One of these technologies is to enable India's locomotives to run on environment friendly B20 bio- diesel blend. Another innovative technology EMD is bringing to IR is the use of Radial Bogies. This technology will enable the locomotives wheels to turn with the track reducing both wheel and track wear while helping to improve fuel economy.

"Indian Railways and EMD have been and are partners in progress. I am confident this partnership would grow from strength to strength," said Mr. Masih Uzzman, former Member Mechanical, Railway Board.

New Diesel Locomotive Technologies from EMD to Help Strengthen Indian Railway Infrastructure & Boost Revenues by 2011

"Today Indian Railways is working with EMD on higher HP (5000 + HP) locomotive model, which will be capable of running on the existing tracks. The goal is to increase the output by hauling higher loads faster which will enable IR to generate more revenues. This will in turn help Indian Railways to enhance its operations and passenger amenities," said Mr. Ajay Sinha, Regional Director, Corporate Development, EMD.

A single diesel engine generates its own electrical power using clean diesel technology, this effectively substitutes about 3-4 MW capacity to the nation's power grid.

Currently EMD is working on an improved diesel engine that will reduce NOx emissions by 80% and particulate matter by 95% without significantly impacting fuel consumption.

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