Ashok Leyland launches U-Truck platform
Written by Vijay   
Thursday, 07 January 2010
Mumbai - Ashok Leyland has launched it's new U-Truck platform with the unveiling of the U-4936 (6x4) Tractor and the U-2523 (6x4) Tipper.

"This platform represents an organizational transformation for us at Ashok Leyland," said Mr. R Seshasayee, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland. "A completely fresh approach in terms of processes, attitude and product, wherein the sale of a vehicle is not the end but a beginning, because we are ready with a whole range of service products for a life-long engagement with the customer."

The U-Truck platform will straddle the entire range of tractors, tippers and haulage trucks in the 16 - 49 tonne segment, with over 25 models and a host of variants to roll out in 18 months starting April 2010. The range will be powered by BS III and BS IV engines that are also protected for BS V norms, ranging from 160 to 380 hp. Joining the proven 'H' series is a new NEPTUNE family of engines - entirely developed in-house.

Mr. Vinod Dasari, Chief Operating Officer, Ashok Leyland explained that the modularity of the new platform endowed the Company with the agility to respond quicker to specific customer demands than ever before. "The modularity gives us speed, it helps us to control our inventories and we can help our vendor partners to plan their inventories better. On the manufacturing front, it will cue our transition from stock-and-sell to make-to-order system. Yes, there are some very exciting times to look forward to," he concluded.

"The U-Truck is a sublimation of our in-depth understanding of the customer, his requirements, his pain points and converting our insight into a product platform best-suited for him. It is an innovative platform that will set a new benchmark in terms of a holistically superior trucking experience including higher Return on Investment" said Mr. R Seshasayee, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland, at the launch. "A standout feature of the U-Truck platform is the wide choice available to the customer, depending on his specific application-based requirement. The platform is contemporary, competitive and future-ready and will be backed up by Leyland Direct which is an expression of an enhanced level of customer engagement. This is only the beginning of a very exciting journey that we are embarking on with our customers," he added.

One key aspect of the U-Truck platform is its superior, electronic and efficient engine management system. The BS IV versions of 'H' engines have Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology while the new NEPTUNE engines are with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology, to reduce emission. The NEPTUNE engines have been benchmarked for lower operating costs, lower maintenance, longer life, higher vehicle availability and better comfort. The U-Truck platform will be equipped with electronic clusters and advanced Telematics for real-time track and trace, on-board diagnostics and driver management features to ensure the safety of the driver and cargo. The cluster can give alerts on vehicle health, fuel levels, service requirements, and also provide comprehensive reports on fleet productivity and driving habits.

"The U-Truck is a win-win proposition for both the customer and our channel partners" said Mr. Rajive Saharia, Executive Director - Marketing, Ashok Leyland. "For the customer the attributes of quicker speeds, more trips, improved fuel efficiency, greater comfort and safety and more choices of fully-built options translate into higher revenue, lower operating costs and hence better profitability. Reliable aggregates and interfaces with proper matching of consumables ensure long and synchronized service intervals. This along with our bouquet of service offerings will help our channel partners to service our customers a whole lot better" he added.

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