Bosch workers go on 'tool down' strike at Bangalore facility
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Friday, 30 September 2011
Bangalore: Workers at Bosch's manufacturing facility in Bangalore have declared a 'tool down' strike, due to alleged non-deployment of displaced employees. The Bangalore plant employs about 2,500 unionised workmen. The MICO Employee's Association went on the strike from Wednesday beginning with the first shift of production.

To reduce costs of its products, the company had taken a decision of outsourcing certain non-core manufacturing and support processes. This decision was taken after several meetings with its labour union.So far in the current year, only about 40 workers have been re-deployed. The original plan would have resulted in the re-deployment of about 140 workers.

"The outsourcing initiative has not resulted in any job loss whatsoever and is a common practice resorted to by Bosch Ltd and the industry as part of modernisation to maintain a competitive edge and secure the future," the company said in a statement.

In fact, a settlement to formalise modernisation, automation, ancillarisation and outsourcing etc. was first signed between Bosch management and the union way back in 1992 itself.

In the past, nearly 1,000 workmen have been re-trained and re-deployed within the Bosch Bangalore plant over the years with consequential benefits of increment and promotion, the statement said.

Bosch is in talks with the union to stop the strike. It has been termed as an illegal strike as it has been declared without the customary seven days notice. The strike is expected to result in a loss of Rs 5 crore a day.

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