Hirotec India Private Ltd inaugurates manufacturing facility in Coimbatore
Written by Ramanathan   
Friday, 21 October 2011
Coimbatore: Hirotec India Private Ltd, a manufacturer of car doors, inaugurated its new automotive tooling manufacturing facility in Coimbatore on Wednesday. The company plans to further invest Rs 20-25 crore in the facility in the next few years.

Hirotec makes car doors for Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and Mazda. However there are no immediate plans to begin manufacturing whole doors in India. For this the company would have to invest 40 - 60 million USD, which could only be justified by a minimum order for around 300,000 doors. The company had discussed the possibility of becoming a supplier with OEMs here but no concrete decision has emerged.

The company is also scouting for land to expand its operations to manufacture large closure lines for the Indian OEM customers in Coimbatore.

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